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What is this blog about and who is it for?  I’ve been planning to do this blog for a while now, but struggled with wanting to put all of the experiences I’ve had out in the wide open!  I can’t say that I have always been accepting of the things that lead me to where I am.  I often feared judgement the most.  I mean this is really cool stuff, but not regularly accepted by the masses.  No one wants to feel like the freak or the outcast.  These were my thoughts before I met so many amazing people who totally get that this is all real!  I’ve learned that I need to let go of that fear and plunge forward because the gifts I have to share are far more important than to be stopped by fear or doubt.  I would like to share my real, honest, and open posts about my continuing journey into recognizing, learning and accepting my gifts.

Unlike many others, I didn’t have a near death experience, or a huge medical issue that opened me up.  This has been a gradual, exciting, confusing, crazy and eye opening experience so far.  I can’t say I didn’t believe that the things I now regularly experience weren’t real, I didn’t really have a strong opinion about ghosts, spirits, spirit guides, past lives, psychics, mediums, etc.  I was intrigued and felt that the world had more to offer than what most people think.  I was raised with a religion, but it never really made a lot of sense to me and I often had more questions than answers.  I can look back now and see the little, subtle things (sometimes big things!) that have happened to me, that lead me on my way.  I don’t believe in coincidence at all now!  Everything/everyone always leads me to something/someone else.  I know I can manifest what I want with intention and thought.  This blog, my life, and my work are a true result of that.  We can all work together to teach each other and support each other to all find our way.  Thank you for reading and supporting me.  I look forward to sharing with you.

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  1. Donna M Ellis | 30th Apr 16

    Michelle – I am so happy and proud of you for taking this next step on your path!! Wishing you the best in all your ventures always!
    In Live and Light ~ Donna

    • michellebsoulhealer@gmail.com | 30th Apr 16

      Thank you for all your support Donna! (HUG)

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