What is the gift of Medical Intuition like?

A few years ago I started having my first, noticeable, images that were medical in nature.  Through my years working as a massage therapist, I have been told over and over how I’m able to find things that no one else could find and I’ve been able to be effective with my massage techniques to help resolve the issues.  I was trained in Orthopedic Deep Tissue massage, so I have had specific training on how to take care of issues like frozen shoulder, golfer’s elbow, knee issues, headaches, etc.  The way I always felt I was different was in the way I would “talk” to the body while I was working on a client.  I do my usual assessment and ask questions about the condition, but once I start working, the body opens up and begins to communicate more with me.  I think the medical intuition has been there for a long time, just like the energy work, but I didn’t recognize it because it was more of a “knowing” than a “seeing” then.  I’ve often explained to clients that my awareness while I am massaging goes into my hands.  It’s hard to explain.  I can be engaged in a conversation with a client while massaging them, but my hands and their body are communicating information back to me at the same time.  Sometimes I know exactly where to go before I lay my hands down on a client.  Over the years this awareness evolved into the medical intuition that I have today.

My first noticeable vision that I can remember was while working on my friend during a Reiki share.  She was face up on the table and I was sitting at her head, cradling it in my hands.  Suddenly, in my minds eye, her skin was gone.  I could see layers of her body all in one view.  I could see her bones if I wanted, her arteries and veins.  I could see her organs and then I could zoom into to see one specific organ.  In her case it was her uterus that I was shown, so I asked her if she was having hormonal issues and she was.  Her brain/head area would light up and I would ask what was wrong there (headaches) and my friend also verified that.  It was fascinating and so cool!  Every time I worked on her I was able to see her in the same way.  I’d ask to see it on other people, but I wasn’t always able to.

I’ve been able to use this gift to help clients get a proper diagnosis from their doctors. With Soul Healing, I’ve been able to help clients feel a physical improvement in their symptoms or issues.  It’s all so amazing to me.  I have a client who was having swelling in her knee before and after having a knee replacement.  Her Dr., unfortunately, seemed to just be dismissing it and would continually drain the fluid manually.  We’ve been consistently doing the healing work to her knee and she has not had to have her knee drained since. The swelling hasn’t been an issue and the work has helped with the healing and movement of her knee replacement too.  I was also able to help her determine roughly, but more specific to the structure, where the swelling was originating so she could tell her Dr.

When I first became interested in learning more about medical intuition, I started with an audio book by Judith Orloff.  http://www.drjudithorloff.com/judith-orloffs-shop/judiths-cds/becoming-an-intuitive-healer  I found her books and lessons to be very helpful in my learning.  At this point, my gifts have taken over by themselves, but I can still use a lot of what I learned from her for my work now.  I learn and see new things on a weekly, if not a daily basis, and my guides and/or Simon help me learn new things too.  It’s not always important to know what we see, but I am a creature of curiosity, so I like knowing what I am seeing if I am able.  I like having the reference points for future images.  I’m excited each day to see how my intuition evolves.  Adding in the Mediumship and Intuitive Reading aspects to the work, makes for a busy session!  Even when I don’t feel like I am picking up on a lot, I’ll go to relay the information back (if the client was not talking throughout), I surprise myself with how much I have to say.

If you want to try to experience medical intuition, I suggest trying on yourself in a meditative state.  You’d be amazed at where you can go and what you can see within your own body.  Since body awareness plays a large roll in our health, it’s worth the time to try it out!  Judith Orloff has some free videos on her site you should check out too.  Feel free to post your experiences in the comments or on my Facebook page!  I’d love to read your shares!

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  1. Chris | 5th Jun 16

    I remember when you graduated Massage School they said you were a “Natural”. Might not have understood it then but I do now. Allison is a “Natural” too. I’m glad you found your natural calling.

    • michellebsoulhealer@gmail.com | 8th Jun 16

      Thanks Mom! I get it from my parents. Yes, Allison is too. I will be fun what her skills develop into.

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