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I’m very excited to share this amazing experience I had with Karyn a few days ago.  It was a crazy and exhilarating experience for both of us and I am grateful that she documented what happened afterwards.  She kept saying we should have gotten it on video, but little did either of us know, what a unique and healing experience we were about to share.  Thank you Karyn for your trust, openness, and support.


September 24, 2016

I’ve heard stories in my travels with Simon Hay and seen the reactions of clients after they finished their sessions. It’s powerful – witnessing years of stress sloughing off and new things taking root to grow. There have been some strong personal experiences with Simon while we traveled, but I’ll admit – when I hear stories of people coming up out of chairs or moving on their own – I accepted it, but didn’t know what to make of it. Then I had a session with his student, Michelle Buss. Immediately, I could feel the strength of her hands, toughened from decades as a massage therapist. There was something deeply comforting, almost knowing, about her touch. I made a decision to hand myself over to whatever I experienced to just go with it. It began with direct contact with the trigger points of my shoulders. As if they had buttons for identification, Michelle skillfully contacted each one. Over one tender point on the left, she stopped, just holding. I felt deep, powerful heat pulsating from her touch into the area. That heightened my senses. I quieted more to tune into the sensations that traveled as she moved between massage and sending energy through my system. When she started working on my right shoulder blade, I could feel waves of energy traveling through my body to the left side. It almost felt like I had a tens unit cranked up to top power, but without the edge of pain. Then she placed her hands on my shoulders – my very, very tense, single-mother-who-holdsup- the-world-with-her-shoulders area – and she lingered. With her hands resting on my shoulders, I could feel waves of something penetrating deep in the muscles. Like ice under a header, the tension started melting, and melting. Her hands were light, barely touching. She wasn’t moving. But the muscles were releasing, lowering, a quarters of an inch, half an inch, an inch, and over time, to what felt like two inches. This experience carried from my outer shoulders to my inner shoulders by my neck, leaving my shoulders more square and lowered than I can ever remember. As she worked, she identified some things – trauma from an arm break when I was a kid where the weight of the sling for so long left a lasting internal mark, built up blockages in my chest from trauma and pain, and other personal incidents that were being storied in my fibrous tissue and joints. Each touch, each move, I could feel a variety of sensations from her energy work. Michelle moved in front of me to focus on my thyroid and hormonal balance. That’s when things REALLY started to get interesting. Michelle asked, “Have you every seen a chiropractor? You need it.” She then quieted, focusing on her work. Suddenly, my neck started moving as if someone was behind me manipulating it. My neck tilted all the way to where my chin touched my chest and then it stretched so far back the back of my head was touching between my shoulder blades. What did I do? I went with it. At first Michele moved around the involuntary movement, continuing her work as my body twisted and turned like something out of the exorcist. I had no control. I knew in my mind I could make it stop. I could have said, “No!” and tensed, pulling away. But every series of movements ended in a deep stretch, a bone popping in place, and trouble areas releasing. As some of these trouble areas released, I started seeing memories, difficult times, and experiences that involved that part of the body. That’s when I saw him. In my minds eye I could see a man, ethnically from India, wearing a turban. His hands were shifting my shoulders, pushing one forward, and the other back, while my neck rotated to a certain degree and pop a bone went in place. Over the next hour this continued. My body was twisted and turned, muscles I never knew I had elongated, and bones of my back being aligned as if I was in the hands of a skilled chiropractor. I gave myself over – half fascinated, half amazed, and completely astounded by what was happening. At one point I was twisted to one side, my neck being stretched slowly and deliberately until I was almost looking backwards. I told Michelle, “If this goes full on exorcist, we’re done.” Then the deep stretch released after my discs were separated enough to allow release in-between disks to allow another disk to slide in place. Michelle finished her work and our Indian friend was just getting started. She sat in front of me on the chair as my new invisible friend continued working his way through the alignment of my shoulders, neck, and upper spine. I never knew where he was going next, but I did start to hear him talking to me as he worked. At one point he twisted my torso, bending me sideways at the waist in the deepest stretch I’ve ever had. It almost looked like I was going to fall out of the chair. But he had me. As images of pregnancies and births arose, he walked me through releasing painful memories and experiences with breaths. He gently twisted and turned to centralize one set of muscles Michelle had identified as a misalignment in my hip that had caused my hip joint to pop in and out of place since I was a kid. The deep stretches reminded me of the height of my yoga practice in my 20’s. However, I don’t ever remember turning just the right way to target only one singular muscle at a time instead of a muscle group. In my head, I heard him ask if we could continue. I agreed. Michelle was going to dinner and I was exhausted and wanted to catch up on sleep. When I stood, I felt a hand in the middle of my shoulder blades correcting my poster. My shoulders were down, neck straight, and the perfect place of posture I could never find was being held by invisible hands. As I was in the car driving home, a conversation began. While driving, my shoulders would start rolling, fluidly shifting until I would feel something pop in place. This continued until I fell asleep. When I lay in bed, I could feel my hip being lifted while the other hip was being held down. My legs rolled to one side as I heard, “Breath in. Hold it. Let it out.” As I let out the breath, I felt pressure and pop – a disc moved into place. By the time I fell asleep, every vertebrae from my head to my waist had been adjusted. Then we moved down to my tailbone where the supporting muscles were stretched and the hip joints and tailbone were adjusted. He actually helped me slide into a position where my body was balanced and supported by the bed. I drifted off in the deepest sleep I’ve had in weeks. Michelle helped target and release some powerful things that were being stored in my body and manifesting as pain. Her massage skill, medical knowledge, and powerful intuition opened the door for one of the most powerful physical experiences I have ever had in my life. Thank you, Michelle, for being a powerful channel of healing!

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