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I’m writing this the weekend after Simon headed back to Australia.  He has now arrived safely at home and hopefully will get some quality rest in before he is off traveling again to do the the amazing work that is Soul Healing.  I am grateful that he makes the long trip here.  It was a pleasure to have Simon be able to stay with us some this trip and while it took a little while for my family members to get used to having a guest and for me to be running around a lot, by the end they all decided that he will be missed until he returns again in April.

During his stay, I’ve never used so many tea mugs before and my son and I are pretty big tea drinkers.  Simon loves his tea and you can have the best conversations over a cup of tea!  I learned how to make poached eggs.  I learned that I actually like pistachios, but kept calling them pecans which Simon thought was an American term for something not related to nuts.  I drove to a lot more places than I usually do and I am no longer nervous to drive “the big roads”.  I enjoyed having time out of the house and I also enjoyed meeting new people at each event and healing I attended.  I am left with the curiosity of how everyone is doing after the events and healings.  I enjoy when clients message with stories and feedback.

I had my first experience channelling spirit.  If you don’t know what that is, it is similar to the scene in the movie Ghost, when Demi Moore’s character’s spirit merges with Whoopi Goldberg’s body (yes, Simon another movie reference).  I had a little surprise during the event at my house when Simon put me on the spot to channel in front of the group (I had only learned how to that day!) and it wasn’t one of my guides that I channeled, but a Mr. Donovan from California.  He was a pretty strong spirit and enjoyed checking out the room.  It was a little tricky to get him to leave.  That experience solidified how real spirit is!  A few days later I channeled a client’s Mother-in-Law during her session.  I could feel her frustration as she spoke her message to the client.  It’s interesting to feel the spirit talk through you while you can also have a side conversation with them at the same time.  I also have a new guide, Becket, who is really cool and looks like “the guy next door”.  He became a part of my life during a visit to see Simon’s friend Frank in Virginia.  Frank is a cool guy and I look forward to visiting with him again.

I was privileged enough to attend around 50 healing with Simon in the month of October.  I learned a lot about the process and what I need to be doing to make my work better.  I learned that my medical mediumship/intuition is very accurate and clear and I also got to work with my medical guides in depth more too.  I learned that I need to stop worrying about saying something inaccurate, because we all learn and need to figure out the best way to do what we do.  I had to have a few pep talks about my confidence, especially with regular mediumship.  I learned so many things that I could write a book about all of the stories and experiences I had.

During Simon’s next trip we will be having workshops.  I used to teach at my massage school many years back and have missed that, so I am very excited to be in that setting again.  I have had a few intuitive development classes at my office in recent years and might decide to do more of those as well as a regular spirit circle and/or meditation nights.  There are so many things on the horizon!

Simon talks about being “tanked up” with emotion towards the end of a trip.  I experienced what he was talking about in the days following his departure.  One day I was meditating and had the faces of many of the clients we worked on flashing through my mind.  I’ve gotten emotional thinking about clients and what they have gone through in their lives.  The depth of this work is phenomenal and really can be quite emotional for everyone involved.  It was difficult not to cry during a few sessions we did.  I’m feeling a bit more balanced now and I’m catching up on rest.  Next trip, I’m taking the rest of the week off!

I will be adding updates to my blog as the plans for April are solidified.  You will find information under the tabs at the top of my site.  In the meantime, if you are interested in scheduling a healing with me, you can contact me through this site or on Facebook.

Thank you everyone for your support, encouragement and for reading!

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