Spirit likes to dance

This week has been an interesting week getting back into the groove of my usual schedule. I was able to do some cool healings this week, but the one that stands out as the most rewarding this week was how I was able to use my gifts to help a close friend of mine with the sudden loss of her mother.
My friend’s mother passed recently and suddenly. I am usually at a loss as to how to make a real difference during that time for a friend, so I offered to do a healing for her. I knew that for part of the session she would want to connect with her mother so I went into the session knowing that I have my guides and spirit on my side and that I would do the best that could to give her that gift.
My friend, who is super supportive of all that I do, wanted to receive validation from her mom in the form of messages that I wouldn’t know anything about. Well, we had a very entertaining time receiving messages from her Mom. She had me dancing like she danced as we listened to some of her favorite music. Her messages came in the same way her personality was – eclectic and all over the place! She mentioned many things that I didn’t know about and gave instructions for certain things now that she has passed. We were able to also connect and receive messages from other family members in spirit. Some of the family members I had also known before they passed, so it was nice to talk to them again. It was an amazing experience for both of us and I am happy and grateful I was able to share that with my friend. I know that I do this type of thing regularly, but I am still in awe of knowing that deceased loved ones are never far away.

I posted this post to my Facebook page a week or so ago and have since received feedback from my friend that this experience was very validating for her.  She posted this on my Facebook page as well as sharing more details with me in person.  What an amazing gift, really!

“I am in tears reading this. It was such a wonderful experience. I love you my friend and all that you have to offer. You are beyond amazing.
PS…I have the salt and pepper shakers. I happened to look at the bottom of them and I now know why she wanted me to have them. ?
Also, the shirt collar also makes sense. Not for me, but my sister.
And the dancing…I have not been able to stop thinking about that and laughing.”

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