Skepticism can play two parts in a healing experience. It can be one of the things that makes your experience that much more astounding or it can be one of the things that leads to your healing not being successful. The definition of Skepticism via the internet is; doubt as to the truth of something. You can have doubt, but be open and curious to other outcomes or you can have doubt that strong holds you against an unclimbable wall.

I was a skeptic before I entered into learning more about energy work. Even despite my experiences growing up, I was still questioning what was really out there and our connection to it. Even up until very recently I was still unsure about my interactions with spirit and guides. I am cautious when around other energy/mediumship practitioners, but still believing that what we all do is real. The caution comes from knowing if their intentions are true and beneficial.  I have met and had sessions and readings from many wonderful people, but I have also been intuitively guided to avoid many others.  I’ve been fortunate to have never really experienced a “bad” session or reading.  If it was bad in that sense it had more to do with the professionalism of the practitioner and not their gifts or skills.

I no longer question my connection to my spirit guides, which is probably a relief to them, since I can be a bit stubborn about things. I am trying to not be so stubborn anymore now and that is easier since I have experienced validation many times in the personal information they give me. I no longer question my connection to spirit, since I have relayed enough accurate information to people that I would have no other way of knowing unless their loved one told me the information. I no longer question my abilities as a healer or medical medium. I have experience enough “real life validation” that I can make a difference in peoples lives and health with my gifts.  I told you I can be a little stubborn.  So enough about me, I just wanted to share that I was skeptical, but I remained open and curious and now I am at a point where I see and experience amazing things daily.

I have both healthy skeptics and not so healthy skeptics in my life. Most are very supportive even if they “don’t get it”. Many have had validating experiences with me or other practitioners and yet they still question that validation.  I enjoy those people who have the “Sure, I’ll give it a try.” mentality.  No matter the outcome, you have to be supportive and just let them come to the conclusions on their own even if those conclusions are that it’s all made up.

When you enter into a healing/therapy relationship with an energy practitioner/psychic/medium, stay open, truthful and encouraging, even if you are questioning everything they do. In the past, I was very “science” minded, which I still do have beliefs in science, but I can blend them with my other beliefs and experiences now. Don’t be the skeptic that enters into a session with an attitude that you are going to prove the practitioner wrong or make them work extra hard for the information. Just that energy alone, will negatively affect the outcome of the session and potentially not be of benefit to anyone. It takes courage to be “out of the box” and put ourselves out there as intuitives, healers, and mediums. I don’t know that people seeking our services ever consider this. Help us help you, by being supportive of the process even if you don’t understand it. Also remember that at times, it will take multiple sessions to get results.  Since we work with many layers of your body, mind and spirit as well as your current state of mind and emotions, there may be layers and layers of things to adjust before the real results are seen. Try to have patience and faith in the process and in the practitioner you are seeing.  There will also be things that you will need to follow through with in order for some results to take place.  If those needs aren’t met, the healing may not be what you want it to be.

I’m grateful that I have been open to energy work practitioners of all kinds as well as to psychics, astrologers, and mediums. Each and every one has played some roll in my growth as a healer/medium. We all have something we can learn from each other as well as something we can all teach each other.  Lets be curious, supportive, and open to all the amazing things life has to offer us.

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