Busy is the new disease

We all do it.  “I’m so busy.”  “I wish I had the time to do that.”  Often when you are asked how things are going a common response is, “Oh, we are good, just busy.”  It’s almost as if the busier you are the more important that makes you feel.  What would life be like if we took some of the “busy” out of it?  What if we took our time to do the things we needed to get done, took more time to do things that we enjoy, stopped saying yes to everything that is asked of us, or just slow down a little.  The theme of many recent healings is just the reminder that we are too busy and over stressed trying to make our lives and everything else around us work.  If you aren’t taking care of what you need, then how are you going to take care of those whom you want to take care of?  Why do so many people have such a difficult time taking care of what they need or why do they wait for someone else to do what they could be doing to help themselves?

I had an interesting experience a few months ago where I had a week of not feeling like myself.  I was very angry, frustrated, tired, felt very out of sorts and just not happy.  I too am guilty of the busy disease.  I run my own business, homeschool 2 kids (with the help of my parents or it wouldn’t happen!), take care of things at home and my husband has a difficult job with an unpredictable schedule.  At one point during this particular week, I started to think about generational trauma.  My husband travels for work sometimes and that was happening more during that month.  While I don’t usually feel overloaded by that, I guess I was some.  It made me think about what my Mom’s life was like when she was 39, which would have put me in 7-8th grade.  My Dad travelled a lot then, she took care of me and my brothers; it was starting to look very similar to what I was doing.  She didn’t run her own business, but she was busy running us kids around, dealing with 3 school schedules and homework, volunteering at the school, and balancing the home responsibilities.  Without going into too many details, once I talked to my parents, I really understood that this was my Mom’s stuff I was feeling.  As soon as I acknowledged this understanding, that frustration and the weight I felt lifted.  I was really thinking I was going crazy or something, so I was relieved to have that lift.  After that week, I decided that I needed a regular “Mom’s night away.”  So now every few months, I take a night to go stay at a nice inn and relax for 24 hours – ALONE.  I am the kind of person that can get over stimulated by too many people, too many demands, and not enough down time.  I understand the importance of the saying, “If Mom’s not happy, no body is happy.”  If I am feeling frustrated, it’s as if everyone in my house then feeds off of that and everyone ends up frustrated.  I am hoping that the actions I take to get myself balanced, will then make it so my daughter doesn’t have to experience this same thing when she is 39.  It’s an interesting concept, but is pretty solidifying once you experience it first hand.

I encourage all of you to take a good look at your life and decide if you could use a little less “busy” in it.  The next step is to then act on that (hardest step too, but you are worth it!) and find a low stress way to take some “busy” away, even if it’s only for 24 hours.

Slow down and relax…

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