What came first the spirit or the cemetery?

Yesterday for the spirit circle we took things outside so we could enjoy the warm February day. My hair has been washed twice and it still smells like a camp fire, but the fire was nice to sit by. There is a small cemetery 2 backyards away from my house that belongs to the church there. We walked over the the cemetery and took a little tour, stopping at whatever grave we felt drawn to or received information from. One grave belonged to 3 people who had been in a car accident together only miles away from where they lived and from the church (my neighbor had told me the story). When at that grave, I was told they were at peace and weren’t interested in talking. There were more than a few infants buried there (One who was more talkative, but we felt a sadness for all) and an interesting grave marker that was just an elevated, horizontal pole with name plaques on them. Before everyone had arrived, a stocky, friendly, male spirit started to hang out with me. I could only describe him as a lumberjack type. Once we were at the cemetery though, he showed me where he was buried by laying a blanket on the space where his wife was buried. He lays to rest under the unique pole marker and with him are his wife, and 4 children. He is a relative of the people who live across the street and of the family that farmed the land around our house (our house is also on what used to be part of that farmland.) I tried to look up the cemetery map online, but that grave isn’t labeled, so I can’t verify the information. The experience at the cemetery brought up some good points about the varying difficulty of gathering information from spirit. Sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you get to verify the information and other times you just have to trust in what you received. I felt it was a good point to make that when you receive a healing or a reading from someone, you shouldn’t hesitate to validate the information they are giving or even to help them along a bit. Once the information starts to flow, it is usually much easier to receive more information and details which can make your experience a more validating one too. I’ve never frequented cemeteries, but I do enjoy the history of the people who are buried there. It was an interesting afternoon for all of us.

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