Reflecting on Chronic Pain

I’ve been reflecting this week about the tolls that chronic pain takes on a person’s body, mind and spirit. Over the years of being a massage therapist, I’ve listened to many clients talk about their experiences with chronic pain. Often times, when someone is suffering from chronic pain, they seem normal on the outside even though they are suffering on the inside. They feel unsupported, unheard, and over-pressured. This pain can be a physical pain, depression, addiction, PTSD, etc. We are often pushed to our limits so that we can try to live the life we need to live. I’ve noticed that many healers and people who are interested in learning healing, are also people who have at one time, or currently still, suffer from some type of chronic pain. I have personally delt with chronic hormonal headaches since I was a teenager as well as a recent 2 year bout with vertigo. As my gifts began to surface more, the vertigo subsided. I haven’t had any symptoms of it for about 2 years now. I knew that the symptoms were not “physical”, but try explaining to a mainstream medical doctor that you think spirit is making you dizzy (some are accepting, but many are not). Imagine what it would be like to have those chronic pains lifted; the trauma associated with them lifted. Imagine being bestowed the gifts to facilitate that for other people. This is what I feel one part of healing and learning healing is about. We can heal because we can relate and we want to help. We can heal because we want the suffering to stop in a healthy way so people can start to enjoy their lives. We can heal because we can love and have faith in healing. We can heal because we care. I’d love to see a day where chronic pain is a distant dream. It will take courage, faith, and kindness to get there.

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