Boats and lightbulbs?

Yesterday I was working with my last client of the day and started connecting with her deceased husband.  She and I have become friends over the years and I had met her husband a time or two.  This couple is in their mid 40’s with a 13 year old son and the husband died suddenly just last year.  My friend/client has been struggling to deal with all that was left behind.  The paperwork, the financial issues, the material items, etc.  One of these items is a boat.  Around here (near the Chesapeake Bay), people sell boats all the time, but selling a boat is like selling a car, if you can sell it yourself you will usually get more money in your pocket at the end.  My client was trying to figure out what she should do with this boat.  Once we were done the massage part of her appointment, I started opening up to do some healing work on her.  Her husband quickly showed up and placed his hand on her shoulder and told her she was doing a great job keeping up with everything (even though she’s been having a hard time with it all).  She started to ask questions and one of those questions was, “Ask him what do I do about the boat?”.  His reply was to show me a picture of a for sale sign and then he said the word broker.  My client didn’t really want to use a broker, but he reiterated the need for her to have less stress, and for her to use a broker to sell the boat.  He helped answer some more of her questions and helped to reassure her some about his presence, including a mention of light bulbs, which lead into a hysterical story about recently replacing her stove top bulb with a super bright led bulb.  I remembered that I had another client, who was big into boating, and quickly got a reliable recommendation for a boat broker for the other client to use.  Easy Peasy…

I know so many people don’t know or haven’t experienced the magic that can happen when you are able to speak to spirit.  I have clients who believe in what I do and fully support me, clients who question what I do within their personal beliefs and what they were taught, and I have clients who have no idea that I do anything other than massage.  Coming from having been a skeptic myself, I understand that the gifts I have might make people uncomfortable, or question the validity of what I do, but time after time of being able to provide peace and help to those who have lost a loved one, it makes me care a little less about what those people might think.  There is a difference in being on the outside of all of this and only hearing the stories about these gifts and being the one experiencing things first hand.  I can’t make this shit up if I tried!  It wasn’t until I started to open myself up to the possibilities that existed and faced any fears around what I was experiencing, that my gifts really started to flourish.  Once you have one validating, personal, experience you want to keep it up and see what else can happen!  I’m grateful to my client’s husband for being clear and an easy communicator.  If only it was always that easy.  I’m looking forward to sharing more about these experiences and supporting others with these unique gifts.  I had another client recently say that this path can be a lonely one.  It doesn’t have to be that way if we all support and help one another.


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