Tour chat and importance of follow ups.

How is it possible that it is May already!?  Life has been keeping me busy and I am trying to get some things sorted when it comes to this new work groove.  Simon is safely back in Australia and I am beginning to plan the next trip.  We had a successful time and I was excited to get to do a lot of healings on my own this trip; although to do enjoy the dual sessions too.  The main thing I am learning with the soul healing work, is to get out of your own way!  It has taken me a little longer than I would like to admit, to realize how interacting with spirit really works.  If I step aside, so to speak, and just let them talk…man can you get things done!  It can feel odd to let go of all your control like that, but it makes the biggest difference.  I had many good experiences with clients this go around and felt that I was pretty accurate.  Simon and I both received many compliments on how this healing work is different than anything else people have experienced.  It is very different and it can be pretty powerful. This work will take us to many different places and introduce us to many different people.  Our secret…we keep saying yes!  We both have guides who assist us daily in our lives.  We are often asked to do things we know nothing about or might not be 100% comfortable with, but we keep saying yes.  Meditation is very important too.  Also, once you are connected with a guide, make sure you keep interacting with them.  The more you interact with them, the stronger that bond will become.  I will write a separate post about my guide Becket sometime.  He’s a pretty wonderful guide!

Following up after a session is becoming a common question and we are seeing how when someone lacks a follow-up after getting good results, they don’t get the results they may have wanted.  We are in a partnership with ourselves, spirit and you.  You play an integral part in your own healing process.  We can assist you with our intentions and work, but you have to apply yourself to your own healing as well.  If you get results from a session, it would benefit you to have a follow up appointment soon after.  Especially if it was a healing/physical response.  Strike while the oven is hot!  The vibrational changes are happening when you are getting a response and a follow up session will help to keep that momentum up.  Even if you didn’t get a strong response, you could benefit from an additional session.

You can follow up your sessions with a distance session with Simon (yes, distance work does work!) or you can have an in person session with me.  You can follow up with Simon in person again once he is back in the US, but sometimes you need a follow up sooner than that allows.

I’m looking forward to the next trip and all the adventures that come with it.  I will have all the information updated here as I am finished with confirming everything.  Simon will be back at the end of July and most of August.  Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement!!

I’ve also recently joined Twitter, so if you are a Twitter user, I’d love to see you on there!

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