Neglect and The Busy Disease

Busy, busy, we are all so very busy…. I have been neglecting my blog something terrible and really I post most of my stuff on my Facebook page – so as an attempt to be less busy, I won’t be posted as much on my blog but will keep posting on my Facebook page instead.  It’s just easier!

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Just finished up another tour with Simon.  We did a lot of new things, saw new things and met a lot of new people.  It’s exciting to see the growth of this work and hear the many amazing testimonials from people we have touched.  I am honored, almost to tears sometimes, to be able to be on this journey – whatever you want to call it – and to be able to access all that I can from healings to readings.  I am grateful to have a husband, kids and parents who support me and help free up my time so I am able to travel and work with Simon while he is here.

I will be teaching a medical intuitive class at Kaleidoscope Angels in Douglasville, PA.  The details are in the events section on my Facebook page.

Simon will be back in November for 2 weeks and I will be working along with him during those weeks.  I will have private sessions available in Douglasville, PA also during our time there.  For private sessions when I am not traveling, contact me directly at or though the page on this blog.  My appointments filled quickly with my regular clients, so you may have a slight wait for an appointment.  If you can’t get in quickly, I can put you on my waiting list for client cancellations.

Thank you!

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