Testimonials and their importance for holistic work.

Just yesterday, I received an email from a client sharing the results from her session with me last week.  I will share it below, but I wanted to write a post about how important it is for clients to share their experiences.  Energy work and other holistic modalities are starting to gain attention and traction.  They can be reliable options to other medical choices and even other holistic choices.  But, it’s not about competition with other choices, it’s about people getting healthy.  I am surprised at the times when I can get better results with a client by just doing a healing on them versus a massage, for a very physical issue like lower back pain or neck pain.  Part of what I want to accomplish, and have been trying to accomplish my entire career in massage, is professional and medical credibility.  The media and movies do no favors to massage therapists when it comes to either (stop with the happy ending references and flighty therapists already!).  Massage is a bit easier to “prove” the results from, but there are ways to attempt to prove that “energy healing” works without having to be so regimented and scientific about it.  Results are results, even if certain communities want to call that a placebo affect.  It’s easy to say that when you aren’t the one doing the work.  But, even if it were, which in most cases it is not and is the actual work being done, who cares how it happened?  Did the client get relief?  Are they happy with the outcome?  Did it save them additional pain and frustration?  I’ve always been put off a bit by the very “Whoo, whoo”, as people call it, that is interconnected with energy healing and other modalities like it.  I’m not sure that is doing anyone a bit of good, especially if that practitioner or modality is looking for medical or professional credibility.  Yes, I know I walk a fine line now because I do use spirit to help with the healing work I do and that A LOT of people will view me as being Whoo Whoo, but if you really get to know me, I don’t subscribe to much beyond what I am learning day to day from those spirit healing helpers and from my experience with Simon.  Yes, I am intuitive. Yes, I can read you, feel what you are feeling, and tell you things about you or your past that can heal you. But, why can’t that be a normal thing?  I’m not the only one who can communicate with your energy field or with spirit.  I came from a place of having to be convinced that this is all real and I am someone who has to experience it to believe it.  Well, I have had enough experiences and have had my work produce enough consistent results that I know this is all, without a doubt, real. But, some of this other stuff is getting in the way of making the work easy, reliable, credible and accessible – just like in massage.  I feel like I am rambling now…anyway.  Testimonials are a way of getting real accounts of results so that the work can be validated in some way.  The more testimonials a healer/practitioner can receive the more their credibility rises.  Yes, there will still be people who will say that a testimonial isn’t the same as a medical study and what not, but many of us are not in the position to get a medical study accomplished and published, so in the meantime, we have testimonials.  I am grateful for every email, chat, message, etc that shares the experiences my clients/students have with the energy work.  It helps to validate that I am on the right path, helps rejuvenate me, keeps me going when something else work related is being bothersome and helps bring this type of work into the public more.  This work isn’t always easy, especially emotional when you can’t get a result.  There is a balance to successes and failures in every medial and holistic modality, these are often skipped over and not mentioned though.  So I will say here, testimonials serve to show the positive and responsive side to the work, while there are many times the work doesn’t produce the “amazing” results or anything at all.  But, keep in mind that this is also the case for surgery, medications, medical procedures, massage, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc…nothing is failure proof.  I have had many clients not happy with the results of “evidence based; proven” medial procedures and medications.  Lets hope that with consistent results and professionalism, holistic modalities like energy healing will keep gaining recognition and traction and be sought after with respect and value in the medical community and beyond.  I am hopeful that in time, this will happen.

This is a wonderful email that I received.  I didn’t do any massage during this session for her lower back pain, only work to her neck which she reported in a separate email, was relieved too.  Thank you Kate for your support and enthusiasm!  I am excited to see you continue to get similar results in your work too!!

“The low back pain that I have denyingly suffered since July is “suspiciously gone” (Kathleen and Ted’s word, hehe) !  I cannot emphasize the gratitude I feel for this pain to be gone.  It haunted my every movement and interrupted my sleep.  I had received multiple massages from multiple therapists with multiple bruises, chiro adjustments, stretching, stopped running for months, creams, oils, heat, cold, different chairs, pillows, periodic ibuprofen etc. etc.  After my session with you last week, it is gone.

Michelle, Thank you!!!  I am passing on my enthusiasm for your work…



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