What is “Soul Healing”? Soul healing is an integrative therapy that enables healing and restorative balance for body, mind and spirit. Soul healing is an alternative and complementary therapy that supports, but is not a replacement for, the treatment of disease and injury by conventional means.  Clients gain insight into and are freed from the forces that contribute to harmful addictive behaviours. Improved emotional and physical health, reconciliation, forgiveness, self-awareness, self-worth and self-love are some of the positive responses of attending a session.

I am able to connect to spirit, give you intuitive information and facilitate healing.  Your session could involve, but not be limited to; healing of past life experiences, traumas from this lifetime, physical pain, emotional pain and connecting with loved ones who have passed.  Loved ones in spirit, spirit guides and other spiritual helpers may become present during the session.  I have been able to connect clients to their spirit guides so they can continue communication with them after the appointment.

I often receive medical related images and can affect change/healing to those and other areas.  I don’t always know what it is that I am seeing and I may not be able to explain it all to you.  While I am unable to diagnosis you, I can use the information to help direct you to what is needed or at times the healing work will repair the issue on it’s own.  Some healings occur quickly and others take time.  Distance healings can service to remove or assist with this gap with healing responses.  Being consistent with in person or distance healings can help produce profound and long lasting results.

There is no way to predict the work.  It is all intuitive and spirit guided.  Each person and session is different.  I can’t guarantee results (who really can).  You also need to know that in some cases, some clients have had a nil or negligible health response. I’m sharing that because honesty and trust are vital components in creating a healthy outcome. It’s important to me you have all the facts before making the decision to come to see me.  With that being said, most of my clients receive a multitude of positive benefits and healing responses.  This work is very in-depth.  The best way to learn about it, is to experience it!

My role in the healing process is that of facilitator, and I believe my role is important, but not exclusive. We can all heal, but not all of us will choose to, or believe we can. The vibration/frequency for healing is present in all of us.

In Person Healing

I’m accepting appointments at my home office in Fair Hill, Maryland.  You can use the contact me form to inquire about an appointment.  These sessions are 75 minutes.  Most sessions will be a full 60 minutes hands on with a little time before and after for follow up.  At times I may find I need more time, while at other times, I may need a little less.  All appointments start on time.  If you are late, you will lose that time from your appointment.  If you forget or “no-show”, you will be responsible for payment for that appointment.

The fee for a healing/reading is $150.00.  Sometimes you receive only healing or you will receive both healing with a reading.  Again, it’s never predictable and I just go with what information I receive at that session.  The best sessions prove to be the ones that are approached with no specific results.  Although, we can intend to do whatever work you’d like to do for the session.

You will lay comfortably on a massage table.  You may talk during the session, be quiet, or a combination of both.  I will place my hands on certain areas of your body.  At times I may do work without touching you.  I will always respect your personal space and you can let me know if you have areas you don’t want touched, or areas that are sensitive.  We can work together to make you as comfortable as possible.  Professionalism is very important to me.  Also any information I receive or we discuss during a session will remain between you and me.  I want you to feel comfortable and open.  While I am doing the work, you may feel sensations of cool air moving, cold, heat, floating, buzzing, head pressure sensations, visualizations, see colors, see or feel spirits presence and full body warmth.  It’s hard to list all of what you could experience during a session.  You may continue to feel the same sensations after your session over for a period of hours, sometimes days.  I am available after your session if you have questions or want to discuss what happens after your session.


Distance Healings

During a distance healing you can be laying down or relaxing in a manner that suits you.  Because I work with the energy of the body and spirits who are also energy, I am able to do the work without you physically being with me.  This takes a certain level of trust and faith, but most people will feel my presence as I am working on them by distance.  Clients have been able to tell me where I was as I did the healing as well as experience seeing images or colors during the healing time.  Distance work can sometimes be more powerful than in person work but I don’t know in advance if this is the case for the client.  Distance healings are the same length and cost $150 for 75 minutes.

What should I do after the healing?

Relax and drink lots of water. You may experience healing responses for a period of time or days afterwards. If you have a depressed response — lethargy, anxiety, anger, agitation, pain — consider contacting me for another healing. The feeling will pass in time, but if it’s unbearable, another healing will alleviate this response.


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