Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the most out of your energy work session.

  1. Be open without holding onto large expectations.  Be at ease with expectations and the process.  Will large changes occur? – they sure can!
  2. Be calm.  The more desperate you are, the more the work can be affected or diminished.  The vibration of desperation can create a resistance.
  3. If you get even a small change, get more work.  Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to create results.  This is also true for a session which you felt no change from.
  4. Remember there are many factors that go along with health and healing.  Physical, Mental and Emotional.  Sometimes only one “layer” changes at a time; other times changes to one “layer” affect others.  The work is unpredictable.
  5. Respect that people have to charge for their time and work.  See the value in the work being offered. If you can’t see the value, don’t book a session.  It is also disrespectful to ask for a discount; even more so when you ask more than once.  Please value the time and knowledge of the person you are asking for healing from.  Just as you may be able to afford something someone else can’t, the same applies to charging or not charging for energy healing.  Some healers are able to offer all work for free, while other’s aren’t.  I am certain that most healers do a lot of free work either way.  I know I do, it’s just not in the public view.
  6. Respect the healers time and stay mindful about keeping within your session limits.
  7. Do the aftercare work!  Diet, exercise, meditation, discipline with actions and thoughts, etc.  You play a part in keeping the results!
  8. Belief systems can often affect results.  Try not to focus on a certain belief, but just try to be open and ready to listen.

Can I have another person in the session with me?  The only time this is allowed, is in the case of a minor or if there is a medical reason for someone else to be present.

Is it okay if I didn’t feel anything?  Yes! I often don’t feel much while having energy work, but will notice the affects afterward.  I call this a “delay”.  You can also not feel anything, but notice other changes right away.

Will this work affect my religious beliefs?  Only if you let it.  Energy work doesn’t subscribe to a specific belief system; each practitioner will be different and have their own sets of beliefs.  Some are religious and other are not.  Energy work is not intended to change your beliefs.

May I contact you after with questions?  Yes!  I encourage you too, but if you are needing additional information (ie. more reading/intuitive information) and not just clarification on things, you will need to book an additional session.