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I’ve been able to speak to spirit since I was young.  The first time I can remember was shortly after an Uncle of mine past away.  I was around age 11.  It was my first experience with the death of a family member and I felt very emotional about it.  Shortly after that, I can remember laying in bed at night talking to him and my Grandmother (who passed before I was born).  I would just talk to them like they were in the room.  I never saw them, but I could hear them and speak to them. This never seemed abnormal to me either.

Many years went by and I don’t remember knowing that spirit was around.  I know I always trusted my intuition and I did have that “little voice in my head”.  I often felt protected.  I could see and sense auras around that same time frame and I can remember a neighbor’s daughter teaching me about auras.  I could sense how people were feeling too, but thought that everyone could do that.

I attended massage school in 1996 when I was 18 years old.  I always said massage found me and that I didn’t find it.  I had no idea what massage was, had never had one before, but it just felt right to pursue that schooling.  I’ve now been working in that field for over 20 years and I still love it.  I’d heard about energy healing, reiki, and mediums before.  I was very skeptical, but always open.  I had a wonderful reiki session when I worked at a spa, but never really understood what it was or what energy was.  I wasn’t drawn to look into either.  I tend to accept things and not really question the “whys”, unless it doesn’t make me feel right.  I never knew I was doing energy work like that all along.

I now know I have done energy healing for a long time, but it wasn’t until I had an “accidental” Reiki Attunement that I started to understand what some of the things I experienced were.  I have a friend, who is like a brother to me, and he helped me sort through this part of my life.  It was confusing, but exciting at the same time.  After pursuing my Master certification in Reiki, I started to see more images and could feel the energy healing flow better. But, what I didn’t like was the symbols and rituals.  It felt like it was making it more complicated that it needed to be.  My friend informed me that I didn’t need all of that to do the work, it was a big moment and I felt like whatever was holding me down, finally lifted.  I was always interested in medical intuition, because of experiences I had with clients and being able to know things about their body before their doctors did.  I’m unable to diagnosis my clients, but I’ve been able to use the information to guide them to the appropriate doctors or to information they could share with them.  I often would see medical images while working on clients and I could get more specific information (see the bones in a joint or an issue with a ligament) beyond what I could manually palpate with my hands to help get a better result during my massages.

I’ve seen a few energy healers, a few mediums and some intuitive readers over those years since learning about Reiki.  The common theme with the readings was that I was unique, gifted and on the right path.  I often shrugged it off, because I am pretty modest and generally had issues with accepting that I was different.  I remember each one and they all played a part in where I am now.

In March of 2016, I had a healing/reading from an Australian healer, Simon Hay.  Simon was traveling and doing events and sessions in Delaware.  I had a friend tell me a little about him, so I looked him up.  I saw that he was a medical intuitive so I decided to try a session with him.  For years I had suffered with vertigo and hormonal issues.  The vertigo had been mostly gone before my session.   As I open myself up more to my gifts, I could tell it was directly related because the symptoms would change.  I’d hope he could validate that.  I also knew that my hormonal issues caused many other imbalances in my body.  I scheduled a session with Simon, but didn’t go into it with a specific result.  I just felt that I needed to be there.  In my session, Simon could also tell that I was different and unique.  We talked a lot, about many things, and he did some healing work on me.  Simon was guided by his spirit team to offer to take me on as his first student (He’d ask them to help find a student just days before meeting me!).  I was a little stunned at first, but I agreed.  We quickly transitioned into being teacher/student and friends.  He’s been working with me since to teach me new things and bring out my own gifts, which are very similar to his own.  We are continuing with the mentoring, but I have started to get my own identity with the work now too.  I’m feeling a lot less like a student and more like an equal now. My healing/energy work has changed drastically since my session with him and my clients, family, and friends are receiving the benefits!  I’m amazed at what I am able to do and what information I receive to share.  Simon has also had success with working on balancing my hormones and other body systems.  Through my in person session, followed by distance sessions, I am feeling better than I have in many, many years.  This is an amazing and validating experience that also shows me what this healing work can really do.  I am forever grateful to Simon and his spirit team, my own spirit team, husband Scott and my kids, my clients, family, and friends.  When I shared with my husband what was going on he told me, “If anyone can do this, you can!”.  I am so appreciative of the support and love they all have for me.  I’m also honored that Simon offered to let me use the title of “Soul Healer”.  It does have a nice ring to it!

In my free time, I enjoy being in nature.  Hiking, swimming, boating, and paddle-boarding among my favorites.  I’ve been married to my husband Scott for almost 15 years (2018) and we have 2 children (7 and 11 years old).  I have had a successful private massage practice for over 10 years and still going.  I love music and singing.  I’m learning guitar and trying to relearn to play the piano.  Someday I’d like to get over my stage fright for singing.  In another life, I will have to come back as Adele or Aretha Franklin.  I like to draw, paint and color.  Doing artistic and musical things helps to keep me grounded and balanced.  It’s how I clear my head.  Nature also helps to balance me and keep me feeling good.  I enjoy my time hanging out with my family and friends.  Bonfires and smores are a common thing at our house.

Within the posts of my blog, I will be sharing what I can of my experiences.  This is all very real, very amazing.  I know our minds are trying to make sense of it all because we are usually taught to believe differently or are just unaware.  Coming from a place of skepticism and disbelief, I would like to help open the eyes of others to the amazing things that are available to them.  Each person has such diverse experiences and beliefs.  This blog may make you question what you were taught, what you believe, but for me – those are good things to question!  I hope as well that my posts will help validate the experiences that maybe you have had.


Wishing you all the best in life,