Simon Hay USA Tour – July/August 2017

Soul Healer and Author Simon Hay

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement for the April tour!  We met many wonderful people and our plans and growth with this work are ever expanding!  Simon and I are both grateful to have been chosen by spirit to do this work.  It’s pretty wild and amazing!

Anyone on the wait list who was unable to see Simon during the April trip will get notice for an appointment a few weeks before the appointments are released publicly for the July/August visit.  You will have a very limited time to respond and schedule.  Please be prompt in responding.

Our travel appointment fee has been made to be slightly higher ($175 for 75 minutes) to help recoup some of the additional costs we incur when we are away from my office.  You also have the option to book a dual appointment and have both Simon and myself in the session together.  We have received wonderful feedback from the dual sessions.  All details can be found on the US Simon Hay Tour Page on Facebook.

Simon will be doing healings at my home office as well as at Pike Creek Reiki during his visit in July/August.  Private healing sessions are $150.00 for 75 minutes.  There is a $50 deposit required to hold your appointment (taken from the total for the session).  These are individual sessions.  If you are interested in a group experience, check out the events below that are planned during his April visit.  Also, after considering the feedback we both received from doing dual sessions last year, we’ve decided to also make a dual session (with Simon and me both doing the session) an available option.  Dual sessions will be $250 for 75 minutes.  Why schedule a dual session?  Simon and my gifts are slightly different because of our different backgrounds.  When we combine our gifts during a session, additional benefits can be received from our varying perspectives, information received by giving each other feedback on the spirit communication during the healing, the non-scripted approach to sessions, and the experience of our individual energies.

All of the events and healing dates are almost confirmed for Simon’s return in late July and August. We will be posting the events and other information here soon. During our travels this trip we will be doing healings and an event in Charlottesville, VA at Open Heart Yoga Center, we are back in Douglassville, PA at Kaleidoscope Angels ‘A Center of Well-Being’for healings and an event, we will be doing a meet and greet book signing in West Chester, PA at The Prana House and an event at Metamorphosis in Kennett Square, PA. Local appointments and an event will be at Pike Creek Reiki and Healing Arts Center and healing appointments at Soul Healer – Michelle Buss my office in Fair Hill, Maryland. There will also be a 3 hour Introductory Soul Healing Workshop at Lil Lack Yoga in North East, Maryland. I’m still confirming some other plans/locations, so hopefully we will have all of the finalized plans ready to go soon. If you were on a waiting list from the last trip, I will be contacting you first for appointments. Appointments are not being taken at this time – I will let you know when appointments are being scheduled. Thank you everyone for your support!! Looking forward to continuing our adventures in healing.

In addition to April, Simon plans to return in July/August and November!  Many thanks to everyone for your support!

For more information about Simon Hay, visit his website at


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